Firstrust Bank Club

Firstrustengaged СSƬ to rebrand and renovate their VIP Touchdown Club atthe Philadelphia Eagles stadium,Lincoln Financial Field.Acompressed timeline, between season close and opening game,added a challenge our team was ready to tackle.The vibe is akin to a modern speakeasy – aFirstrustbank branch from the outside, with the surprise of a dramatic and elite club inside.The cozy atmosphere conceals the functionality which is highly flexible and reconfigurable– versatile for both game days, formal events, and corporate meetings.FirstrustBank and Eagles logos and imageryare incorporatedܲٱy throughout, giving both brand presence without competition.Strikingmaterialschrome, leather, andneon –bring a dramatic, high-end feel, while layered artwork and installations rich in nostalgia honor the historyand the futureof the team.


Logo and Concepts

  • Teams Interior Design, Branding, Brand Identity

  • Location Philadelphia, PA

  • Size 500 SF